There are many INFJs who have tested as INTP before discovering their type (including myself) and INTPs who have tested as INFJ. The two types are very different from a theoretical point of view because they belong to different temperaments (Rational INTP and Idealist INFJ) and have different attitudes towards the world (J and P). The two types share only two cognitive functions and it would seem like there is little reason for indecision between these types. If we base similarity on the common shared functions alone, the two types share only Ti and Fe. It seems more likely that an INFJ would mistype as ISTP (Ti Se Ni Fe) and INTP as ISFJ (Si Fe Ti Ne). But that is not usually the case, INFJ and INTP are more similar than they appear on the surface.

Here are the cognitive functions for these two types:

INFJ: Ni Fe Ti

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How to Get Out of Debt While Paying Bills & Saving Money: Quick Money Tips for the Financially Challenged

woman budgetingIf you’re anything like me, keeping a monthly budget can be really difficult. I start off the month well-intentioned but end up completely  off-track once expenses and social events start rolling in. Plus, If I’m honest, I like to spend money far more than I enjoy saving it. Both of these tendencies combine to create a sizable and intimidating issue for me when it comes to covering my monthly expenses and meeting my financial goals.

Over the years my income has steadily increased but my debt and savings either stay the same or go in the wrong direction. And that’s not entirely due to my emotional habits around spending. It also has a lot to do with being confused about how EXACTLY do I tackle this monster of a problem and it what order? How do I get out of debt? Do I save my nine month emergency fund before I start paying it off? Or should I put 10% of my income toward both at the same time? And if so, how do I live without 20% of my income when I’m having a hard time meeting my expenses with 100%? Plus, what EXACTLY constitutes an “emergency” and should I continue to save and pay off my debt when I’m in an “emergency” scenario?

To help navigate through all of the advice scattered out there in books and personal finance websites, I have compiled some quick and really simple budgeting tips from Dave Ramsey’s Guide to Budgeting. These are all low-tech and low-fluff to help focus on the KEY strategies to get in better control of personal finances without getting overwhelmed or confused.

Quick Tip #1: Follow DAVE Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps

Instead of making a crazy, technical budget and thinking off all the financial decisions that need to be handled, Dave suggests starting with these 7 Baby Steps. Start at 1 and then work your way down the list:

DRamsey Real Baby Steps

Quick Tip #2: Start Early

Dave recommends making your budget a few days BEFORE the month starts, even if you haven’t been paid yet or aren’t sure what your income will be. Need a place to create a FREE online budget? Click here.

Quick Tip #3: Write it Down

Whenever you make any purchases make sure you write it down and add it to your budget that day. Don’t rely on memory, account balances, or weekly receipt round-ups.

Quick Tip #4: Cash Flow Emergencies

If an emergency comes up try to cash flow it before tapping into your emergency fund. Ramsey says:

“If you can cut up to 10% off items in your budget to pay for something that comes up, then cash flow it. Otherwise, go for the savings.”

For example: If you need $200 for an emergency dentist appointment, go line-by-line through your budget [groceries, entertainment, gas, clothing, etc.] to see where and if you can take 10% of what you have already budgeted to cover the  expense. If you can’t cover it all without using 10% or less, cover what you can from the cash flow and then use your emergency fund to cover the rest.

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Quick Dinner Ideas #1: Simple Coconut Curry

Here’s an idea for a really quick (15 minute) curry.


Curry Ingred

  • Red or yellow potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweet peppers
  • Fresh ginger
  • White or purple onion
  • Fresh garlic
  • Curry powder
  • Bay Leaves
  • Chilli paste or powder
  • Sea Salt
  • Canned and/or refrigerated coconut milk

Basic Method:

I cut up the potatoes and microwaved them for about 4 minutes. Then sauteed the onions, garlic, and ginger for about a minute. I added the mushrooms, then the sweet peppers, and then the potatoes. Added in the coconut milk (I used can AND refrigerated to reduce fat but still give it full flavor), and then curry powder and let simmer. I added the salt and chilli powder to taste after finished cooking. I recommend using chilli paste vs powder but I didn’t have any.

Finished Product:

Curry Finished

Sooooo good!

What are some of your favorite quick dinner ideas?

Reduce Stress By Learning One Rule: The Difference Between Goals, Projects, and Tasks

Before we move on to the next step in the Git’er Done Series, I would like to explain the key distinctions between Goals, Projects, and Tasks.

A GOAL is a MEGA-PROJECT made up of two or more projects

A Goal, no matter what that goal is, is comprised of many related projects that MUST be completed before the goal can be achieved. Think of a goal as a Textbook.

A PROJECT is a MEGA-TASK made up of two or more tasks.

A Project is one group of related and required tasks bound together by function, clarity, or structure. Think of a Project as a Chapter in a Textbook.


A Task is an indivisible and elemental action that does not require any planning or context. Think of a Task as a Word…in a Chapter…in a Textbook.

Granted, you can complete Tasks (to-dos on a to-do list) without having done any planning or having any context of a bigger picture. However, a Project, and therefore a Goal, cannot be completed until all of the required individual Tasks are discovered through research, knowledge, or guidance and then completed.

This may all seem like an unnecessary splitting of hairs but it is one of the reasons many of us become overwhelmed and/or give up on our goals all together.

Knowing the difference has a profound psychological effect on how we approach our goals and react to setbacks and here’s why: Most think of a Goal as a Task, or ONE thing can be completed if they work hard, smart, or long enough. In fact, a Goal can’t be “done” because it is an outcome, an effect of multiple Projects made up of multiple Tasks. This fundamental misunderstanding leads the most well-intentioned of us to both over-commit and under-prepare.

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Get Started, Already!

This is my very first post! I thought about planning it out so that I could deliver superior content right off the bat but I decided it’s better to get started than plan to get started. Time kills all deals, right?

So welcome to my personal blog! I may at some point spinoff into more specialized websites for each topic but for now I plan to post all of the ideas, thoughts, hacks, and opinions that swirl through my head on an almost near constant basis. The major topics will include:

  • Mind: Psychology, Time Management, Personal Development, Personality Typing
  • Body: Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Sex, Endometriosis, PCOS
  • Spirit: A Course in Miracles, Archetypes, Numerology, Scriptural Musings
  • Science: Neuroscience, Behavioral Economics/Marketing, Theoretical Physics
  • Tribal Theory: A theory of behavior I have been (very) slowly developing over the years.
  • Vegan Living: What to Expect, Restaurant & Product Reviews, Outreach Information
  • Pop Culture: Politics, Movies, Books, Current Events, Music

My hope is to provide a space to share all of the interesting things that are going on, why they’re important, and some immediate ways to implement those ideas that will actually make our lives more simple.  Oh, and occasionally just shoot the shit talking about whatever is going on in the world.

My goal is to blog everyday this month! So, before you leave:

  • Make sure you click on the links to the right to follow this blog, my YouTube, and my Instagram so you know when new content is posted.
  • Leave a comment with any topics you’d be interested in reading or watching a YouTube about and also any recipes you’d like veganized!

Bye for now!