Get Started, Already!

This is my very first post! I thought about planning it out so that I could deliver superior content right off the bat but I decided it’s better to get started than plan to get started. Time kills all deals, right?

So welcome to my personal blog! I may at some point spinoff into more specialized websites for each topic but for now I plan to post all of the ideas, thoughts, hacks, and opinions that swirl through my head on an almost near constant basis. The major topics will include:

  • Mind: Psychology, Time Management, Personal Development, Personality Typing
  • Body: Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Sex, Endometriosis, PCOS
  • Spirit: A Course in Miracles, Archetypes, Numerology, Scriptural Musings
  • Science: Neuroscience, Behavioral Economics/Marketing, Theoretical Physics
  • Tribal Theory: A theory of behavior I have been (very) slowly developing over the years.
  • Vegan Living: What to Expect, Restaurant & Product Reviews, Outreach Information
  • Pop Culture: Politics, Movies, Books, Current Events, Music

My hope is to provide a space to share all of the interesting things that are going on, why they’re important, and some immediate ways to implement those ideas that will actually make our lives more simple.  Oh, and occasionally just shoot the shit talking about whatever is going on in the world.

My goal is to blog everyday this month! So, before you leave:

  • Make sure you click on the links to the right to follow this blog, my YouTube, and my Instagram so you know when new content is posted.
  • Leave a comment with any topics you’d be interested in reading or watching a YouTube about and also any recipes you’d like veganized!

Bye for now!


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